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My Favorite Links

AWMA Air & Waste Management Association's Web Site

Microsoft's Web Site Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server

Sun Microsystems Sun's Home Page

JAVA (Sun Microsystems) JAVA Home Page

McAfee & Associates' Web Site Home of the Finest AntiVirus Products

New Riders Web Site Home of the VRML Literature and Products

PKWARE's Web Site Home of PKZIP Archival Software

AAA World Archive Home of the AAA World Announce Archive and World Commercial Sites Index

Fractals A Fractal Web Site

The Virtual Pub & Beer Emporium

The Real Zappa Page Frank Zappa Tribute Page

Hot Dog Pro The Best Web Page Editor

VocalTec Home of IPhone Software

GNN Web Site Global Network Navigator

ProLog My Personal ISP Provider's (ProLog) Web Site

The UserFriendly Network The Latest and Greatest ISP Web Site

Excalibur Connections My Personal Shell Provider's Web Site

Grin Net LLC My Personal Shell Provider's Web Site

The EspritNet Home Page EspritNet's IRC Network Web Site

Stillwater.OK.US.StarLink-IRC.Org My IRC Server's Web Page

Sureal, Inc. Sureal's Web Site

Datastorm Technology Home of ProComm Plus for Windows

The Dailey Internet News Collage

The Internet Plaza A Virual Cornucopia of Internet Information

Novell Inc. Novell's World Wide Web Homepage

mIRC HomePage The Official mIRC Homepage

Get PIRCH Welcome to the Pirch Home Page

EspritNet WebRing The Official EspritNet WebRing Page

XiRCON Ring The Official ChatNet Network XiRCON WebRing

Get XiRCON The premier IRC client for Win 95/NT

Stroud's CWSAPPS What's New at the Consummate WinSock APPS List Page


MapQuest Java Page The Oficial MapQuest Java Homepage

King Link & Games Excellent Web Site with Games, Cheats, and Tons'o'Links

Home Field Welcome to the Home Field Web Site

Internet Weather For the latest in internet weather

Links to Some Friends' Kewl Pages

Free For All Links Add Your Links - FREE!

TUCOWS Mirror My Official TUCOWS Mirror

My Web Site The Chemist's Bench Web Site ©

Uptown Ink Welcome to My Personal Tatoo Parlor's Web Site!

SeaStormm's Place Welcome to My Dear Friend's Web Site - a very NICE web site!

MsDeb's Lil Niche Welcome to MsDeb's Web Site!

FGB, Inc. Welcome to The Fabulous Gorgon Baker's Web Site!

The Mecca Room Welcome to The Mecca Room's Web Site!

Trad's Place Welcome to Trad's Page!

Art Source Welcome to The Art Source Web Site!

Bertville Home Page Welcome to Bertville

#Comicbooks The Official EFNET IRC #Comicbooks HomePage

#42+ The Official EFNET IRC #42+ HomePage

Big Als Production, Inc. Welcome to Big Al's Production Web Site!

Kain's HomePage Welcome to Kain's Pirch Page

Season Productions, Inc. Welcome to Kreon's Season Production Web Site!

Whitedove's Home Page Welcome to Whitedove's New Web Page!

Demona's HomePage Welcome to Demona's Mystical Castle

Christoph's Homepage Christoph's Personal Page

Christoph's Other Page The Official Foundation Comic's HomePage

Mausoleum Recordings Home Page Check out Anthrophobia

Spacey Station Welcome Mat Welcome to the Spacey Station

Spacey's Home Page Welcome to the Spacey Station

Spectre's Home Page Welcome to the Mosoleum

Skeptical Cat Recording Home Page A Kewl MusNick Link

Mr. Speed's Home Page Go there or he will come to your house and shoot your dog!

pinguino's Comic Distributor Home Page A GREAT Comic Distributor Page

pinguino's Company Page Welcome to the Penguin Palace

Gheist's Home Page Welcome to Gheist's Place!

Dawa's Home Page Life with Deadman- Music, Comics, and Computers

DkPhoenix's Home Page Everyone's Got a Home Page - Comics, Graphics, Art, and Computers

Magus's Home Page Welcome to Magus's Home Page

Nige's HomePage Welcome to the CaNuCk's Page

Brents's HomePage Welcome to DEADMAN's Page

RiftWar's HomePage A Friggin'Kickin' Literature & Progressive AmbientTranceFusion-Music Dude from Finland

Banshee's HomePage Welcome to Banshee's Page

Shpank's Home Page Cool Comic Links and More

Grr's Home Page Grr's History of Superhero Comicbooks

CPFace's Home Page Welcome to Chess Piece Face's Home Page

DoorKnob's Home Page Welcome to Mr. Knob's Home Page

Xavier's Home Page Welcome to Xavier's Place

Xavier's HomePage Welcome to the Other Place

CarpBoy's Home Page Welcome to CarpBoy's Place

Em's Home Page Check Her Out!

Ninjababe's Home Page A Good Forever Night Page!

Siryn's Home Page Check Her Out!

vapid's Home Page Welcome to vapid's Home Page

Drywall's Home Page Welcome to James Layman's Home Page

Smurf98's Home Page Welcome to the Smurf Page

My Kidz Home Page Welcome to DiSsEnTeR and _NinRule_'s Home Page

Magyss' Home Page Magyss's Realm

Bill Ross's Home Page Check out the MSIE Driven Page!

Gregg Hommel Home of Ghost BBS Host Script for PCPlus

Other Kewl Links

Screen Saver Heaven: The largest collection of screen savers on the internet, and in the free world.

Windows95.Com, these guys got the domain name, and they're doing a great job. Their Windows95 Online Magazine is great -- they also have a ton of software and other great Win95 info.

A Bunch of Links, with just over 2002 places to jump to, they can't all be great, but it's a good jumping off point to explore...

Faces, where you can create new faces by combining different parts of famous people. Bill Clinton's hair, OJ's eyes, and Hillary's mouth...Endless fun.

Yahoo Maps, where you type in a street address anywhere in the US, and...BINGO! Instant road map of the area. Zoom in, zoom out, pan north, south, east, or west. Cool!

The Java Impressionist Painter Site. Cool things going on as you paint on the Web...

IBM InfoMarket Ticker, IBM finally does something kind of cool. Download their Ticker application, which scrolls news headlines downloaded from various news sources while you're online. See a story you like, double click it, and up comes the full story in your web browser. Very nice!

The Hubble Telescope Site, and go to the public section where you can see some of the incredible pictures the Hubble is taking.

The Spot, you have to visit at least once.

Happy Puppy Games Onramp -- the game source on the WWW.

ESPNET SportsZone -- the place for sports.

Official Grand Canyon Page -- everything you want to know about the Grand Canyon, including some beautiful photos.

Windows 95 Information Page -- start here for Windows 95 info and links.

RealAudio -- bring real-time sound to your Web experience..

Infinop Lightning Strike -- drop by and pick-up a nice Netscape plug-in that allows you to view this new, wavelet-based compressed file format from Infinop. Great looking color images can be compressed down to 1:100 of their original size, making viewing and transmitting images much faster and easier.

Ultimate World -- A cool travel guide to the US. Pick the state, then check out dining, attractions, lodging... all rated. Lots of good information for your next vacation.

Classical MIDI archives -- Download over 1500 (30MB) great MIDI files.

Project Gutenberg -- Instant, on-line access to the great literary works of the world, including the Declaration of Independence, Paradise Lost, Tow Sawyer, and hundreds more...

CNN Interactive -- Instant, 24-hour news and information. Includes some great pictures and video files.

Mercury Center: Silicon Valley's newspaper -- on-line.

Shakespeare Homepage: yeah, he IS dead, but you can read or search all his works here.

The Nine Planets: and one of them is Earth.. great reference on the Solar System.

Atomic Clock: gives you the exact time, to the nanosecond.

Lightning Ridge Web Central -- a great jumping off point, lots of links.

The Vatican Museum -- a quick trip to Italy, view the Sistine Chapel.

The High Five Award Page -- the coolest Web page designs on the Net.

Casinos of the South Pacific -- if your browser is Java-enabled, play some real-time poker and blackjack at this Java site. Simple, but COOL!

PixelSite -- this one is weird: you can create custom graphics for yourself on the web. All those neat effects like 3-D shading. You type in the text, choose the images and look you want, and presto! Custom graphics just for you.

Other Interesting Links

Point's Top Web Sites A listing of the top sites.

Top 100 sites of the web Another listing of the top sites.

The Wall of Shame The other end of the spectrum.

The Squashed Bug Zoo An all-encompassing squashed bug zoo.

Mirsky's Worst of the Web The worst of the worst sites.

Find the Spam Try this one for fun.

URouLette Click here for a random URL link.

The Comic Strip Check this one out for comics

Manic Maze You'll have to check this one out for yourself!

Farmer's Almanac Weather Site An all-encompassing weather page.

WeatherNet Everything about weather.

CompuServe Compuserve's Web Site

CSUSM Windows World A Ton of Windows Shareware

Planet Earth Tons of fascinating stuff.

Online Career Center Looking for a job or filling a position ?

Guide to Writing HTML.

PC Magazine Ziff Davis Publishing Web Site.

The Electronic Newsstand Browse the Latest Titles on the Newstand

Jumbo! Huge assortment of shareware.

OAK University OAK Software Repository

The Whitehouse Welcome to the Whitehouse.

FBI's Most Wanted The Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in America.

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

Government Information Resources

Lehigh University Local University WWW Server

PSU Penn State Department of Computer Science and Engineering

FTP's World Wide Web Server

Browse Until You Drop Browse Or Your Mom Makes You Stop !!

Spectical Cat Recordings
This site supports Skeptical Cat Recordings

The Artsource Web Site
This site supports the Artsource Web Site

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