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MB Weiner (76)

I am presently embarked on two missions: On one hand, I am a systems administrator and partner of a small business (The UserFriendly Network [UFN]), working out of my recently purchased Lakewood, Ohio home. You can reach my business (UFN) email at And on the other hand, I work as a Senior Systems Administrator (Web Operations) for can reach my business (AG.COM) email at Areas of expertise include intranet and internet solutions, software and hardware solutions, web page authoring/designing and hosting services, network solutions (NT/Novell/Lantastic), database development/maintenance, UNIX (BSDi, Sun, Solaris, Linux Redhat/Slackware), Programming (C, C+, C++, VB, SQL, Fortran) Web (HTML, JAVA, VRML, cgi, perl), OS (WinNT, Win95, Win3.x, MSDOS), graphics and effects, and some specialized meteorological monitoring and air quality dispersion modeling. I obtained dual BS degrees in chemistry and environmental science in 1990 from Slippery Rock University and own a full-service computer consulting/ISP firm The UserFriendly Network As far as family information, I was recently married on January 20, 2001, after a divorce and about 17 years of marriage. I have two lovely natural daughters, Brenna age 20 and Devin age 16, currently living in Pennsylvania, and two daughters and a son by marriage, all living in Ohio, presently. I am living in Lakewood, Ohio which is in Cuyhoga County. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wife, Maggi, for her patience as I spent many hours sitting in front of the computer not more than three feet away constructing this and other pages I have done. For more information, you may reach me at (216) 228-0169 or by facsimile at (216) 228-0852.

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I support all open standards, including Blue Ribbon first amendment rights.

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