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You or your business can be represented on the internet within one week, and it has never been so simple and affordable! The Chemist's Bench Web Site©, your reliable internet marketing provider, will do 95% of the work for you.

All you have to do is follow our 1-2-3 process.

THAT'S IT!! The Chemist's Bench Web Site© does the rest... We will design your web page with the information that you provide, and provide you with a preview "teaser" look at the webpage on our server. Once a format has been agreed upon, we will help you select and set-up an internet provider/server, if you need one. We will post your page on the server provided. We will even list your new web page in some very popular directories and search engines, to provide you with instant exposure!

"Express Web Page Creation" service is the first of its kind.

So, what's the catch? Here it is ... We will not design an ultra fancy web page (unless thats what you want and request) that would cost thousands of dollars and months of design time. There will be no extravagant graphics (that take forever to browse) unless you specifically request them.

Either way, we simply provide you with an effective web page that is organized in an easy-to-read format, which will give your potential readers or customers pertinent information about you or your business. We will also provide some cool graphics and create a banner for you. We also provide such services as JAVA ™ applets and scripts, VRML, Macromedia's Shockwave, embedded LiveAudio and LiveVideo, and others upon request and for an additional cost

Web presence provides you or your business with over 40 million potential customers, worldwide. Even if you currently have a web-site, this service will still be very advantageous because we will provide a free link from your new unique web page to your existing site. If you don't have web presence, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

And, it even gets better! If you order within 48 hours upon receipt of this message, we will provide you with a 3-line ad on OUR web site (, from which we will provide a link to your new web page! Now that's exposure!

The starting standard fees for this service are very reasonable...

Each web creation/publishing category has a unique fee for unique services and benfits...

You can change the wording on your web page in the future. All minor changes will be free of charge. It will be as simple as giving us a call and we will make changes online as we speak to you!

We guarantee your full satisfaction with our service, or we will refund your money.

So, if you are interested in ordering our unique and invaluable service, please either complete the "EZ Webplate Ordering Form ® " and submit it online, email a completed "EZ Webplate Ordering Form ® ", or print out the following "EZ Webplate Ordering Form ® " and take ten minutes to fill in the blanks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call our office at: , 1-610-376-4580 or 1-610-476-4589 (FAX)

EZ Webplate Ordering Form ®

Simply fill in the blanks. Please do not use more space than we provide for your answers. Your answers should be as brief as possible. We provide an area for some additional notes at the end of this form. Please feel free to leave anything blank. We will incorporate the information you give us, into your web page. We guarantee your satisfaction with the final product, or we will change it until you are satisfied.

Thank you for using the EZ Webplate Ordering Form ®!

What type of Web Creation/Publishing Services are you interested in?
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Personal or entertainment pages
Mixture or unsure (please inquire)

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Brief Description of your business below.

Top 3 Benefits of your business:

How is Product/Service Differentiated from that of competition?

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*** Remember, if you order within 48 hours upon receipt of our message,
you can include a 3-line teaser ad on our web site, which will link to
your new web page. (Please do not include phone number or e-mail address
in your teaser.)

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover,Checks by mail or fax, or Money Order by mail. The following information will be held in the strictest confidence...

Credit Card:     Visa Mastercard AmEx Discover Card
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PLEASE PASTE YOUR CHECK HERE (If you fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original check. We will draft up a new check, with the exact information from your original check)


I authorize The Chemist's Bench Web Site© to advertise my business on the internet. I understand that The Chemist's Bench Web Site© does not guarantee or predict any type of profit from these services. I understand that payment in full is due in advance of service. I authorize The Chemist's Bench Web Site© to charge an additional $25 fee if my check is returned for insufficient or uncollectable funds. I authorize The Chemist's Bench Web Site© to quote any positive testimonial that I may offer in regards to their services, without prior notice. I am fully authorized to represent the company that I am advertising. I acknowledge that The Chemist's Bench Web Site© has the right to refuse my ad if they deem it inappropriate. The Chemist's Bench Web Site© will not be held liable for any claims that I represent in my advertisements. I understand that I am guaranteed satisfaction with The Chemist's Bench Web Site's services or I will receive a prompt refund.

SIGNATURE:x________________________ DATE:x__________________

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call The Chemist's Bench Web Site© at:, 610-376-4580 or 610-376-4589 (FAX).

SUMIT ALL ORDERING INFORMATION VIA THE SUBMIT BUTTON TO THE CHEMIST'S BENCH WEB SITE © or EMAIL ALL ORDERING INFORMATION TO: or FAX ALL ORDERING INFORMATION TO: 717-859-4889 (If you have any trouble getting through, please use our new backup fax number at: 717-859-4890, attn Michael Weiner)

or mail to...

The Chemist's Bench Web Site©, 127 North 7th Street, Suite B, Akron, PA, 17501.

THAT'S IT!! You will receive a confirmation by phone within 3 business days! Thank you for the opportunity to serve your advertising needs. The entire contents of this message are copyrighted and protected by both United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. None of the text in this message may ever be reproduced, in original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without express written permission by The Chemist's Bench Web Site©. We do authorize and encourage the forwarding of this message to interested parties, for the purpose of informing them of The Chemist's Bench Web Site's services.

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